About me...

I'm not even going to begin telling you the length of time it took me to write this, as I'm on a never-ending journey to getting to know who I am.


 I graduated from medical school May of 2020. This has been quite the journey to say the least and I can't wait to share it with you. I have learned quite a bit along the way, and I wanted to use this space to share some of my experiences. This will be a story of life, love & heartbreak, medicine, faith, and wholeness.

I grew up in good 'ol Wichita, Kansas. Daughter to two wonderful parents who immigrated from the small island of Dominica. Recently matched into a residency in family medicine. Did I always picture myself here? Yes! From the time I was little, I knew my calling. I feel blessed and honored to wear the white coat and to have M.D. behind my name.

I created this blog as a way to express myself and to share my stories and experiences. To put some of this journey into words. 

As you read, I hope that you are in some way inspired or motivated. I hope that you are able to reflect on your own journey, and find something that may help you. 

As you read, if you have any questions or need to chat, feel free to message me!

-Love Always, Alleen