Behind the M.D.

Today I graduated medical school in the midst of a global pandemic.

Cap and gown, family and friends, smiling pictures, and a couple more letters behind my name. Behind the M.D. and behind the pomp and circumstance is pain. Pain of seeing loved ones pass away and not being able to attend funerals. Pain and guilt of not being able to attend weddings and ceremonies. Pain of lost relationships and friendships that just couldn't keep up in the midst of the chaos. All of these things are too familiar to someone who has gone through medical school.

Behind the M.D. is a struggle. At times it seems as though you're drowning....every few moments you have a moment to get some air. Then again it seems as though the moment you do get some air, you're pulled back down by the weight of this world around you. The weight of heartbreak, missed celebrations, and seemingly lost time.

Why go through this pain? Simply a dream. A dream of being called DOCTOR by a little black girl who looks just like me. A dream of having MY name as a doctor on the birth certificate.