Mental health...

After my shift today I saw a body bag being carried by staff. Throughout the day on inpatient services we rarely have the time to reflect on the grave state a lot of our patients are in. Barely have the words to put it together. A lot of us suppress these emotions.

Medicine isn't for the weak-minded. I'm glad I'm at a program that cares about our wellness and mental health.

The rate of suicides among doctors is higher than any other profession and more than double the general population. (Yikes)

Why? Because we're all taught to be the best. Know everything all the time, otherwise you might not make it to the next level. Therefore, we don't make our mental health a priority (to avoid being seen as weak or not making it into med school or residency).

That being said, we’ve all been through a lot. As we continue to persevere, let’s make it a point to make our mental health a priority. Every day.