What's stealing your peace?

I went to the beach this past week. The sky was the bluest I'd seen. The sand was nice, soft and warm beneath my feet. The kids were laughing and playing joyfully. The waves were crashing one by one. Absolutely nothing was wrong. The only emotion that I felt at that time was peace. As I sat and watched the waves, I began to think about everything I had let rob me of my peace. And than I felt sadness. Sad because I had let people rob me of my peace. MY peace.

Peace is ours to get. I realize that much of the distress I've felt is because allowed certain situations to rob me of my peace.

It was at that moment at the beach when I decided to never let anyone or anything rob me of my peace ever again. I've realized how much of my time is spent stressing about other people. And not enough time on myself. What I want. What makes me happy. This week I have made a conscious decision to let go of everyone and anything that causes me unnecessary stress and anxiety. As cliche' as it sounds, I literally need to do what makes me happy.

Find those things that give you inner peace. Find those things that make you feel alive.

How much time have you spent stressing about things that are out of your control?

How much time have you wasted stressing about the actions of other people?

When you find what brings you inner peace, you care less about the actions of other people. You focus on those things that make you happy.